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(Revised October 2016)



The number of residents per Unit is limited to 5.


Owners are responsible for the payment of accounts to the Body Corporate and not their Tenants.  Should a tenant not pay, the Body Corporate reserves the right to collect the outstanding amount from the owner. Owners that owe money will be sent an Acknowledgement of Debt to sign – thereafter if the owner defaults on payment the account will be handed over for collection.  If you have an outstanding balance you will not be able to vote at the AGM.


Tenants rent units from the Owners and not the Body Corporate.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants have a copy of the Conduct Rules.


Levy is payable directly into the Bank Account.  Residents paying cash will be charged for the Bank Charges applicable to that transaction.  Interest – at a rate to be decided at the AGM every year – will be charged on outstanding accounts. 


If you are having visitors for longer than 1 week please notify the Trustees.  This is for Safety reasons.


Only Unit 29 is owned by the Body Corporate.  The tenant shall be liable for the payment of Rent and Services as per their contact with The Body Corporate.



All vehicles shall be driven with due consideration to fellow residents at all times – speed of 10kmph on any portion of the common property must be observed. 


No Hooting is allowed to get the gates opened.  All owners and tenants must have remotes for the gates.


Vehicles must enter and leave premises as quietly as possible.  No hooters and revving of engines are allowed


Residents must notify visitors of where to park. Visitors cars may not be parked outside your Unit on the driveway.  No person may park their vehicle in such a manner as to obstruct, impede or inconvenience other vehicles from getting in or out.  All vehicles must ensure they are parked well off the driveways.

No cars may be parked on a permanent basis in the parking bays on the Road side of Units 12 to 16.  These are for overnight and visitors parking only.  The area along the railway line may be used for permanent parking.  The area in front of the Herb Garden may also be used for overnight and visitors parking.    


Trailers, caravans and boats and the like may not be parked on the common property on a permanent basis


The Trustees may cause to be removed or towed away, at the expense of the owner any vehicle standing or abandoned on the common property without the trustees consent


No vehicle may park in such a way as to kill the grass or to impede the garden service from being able to cut the grass.   


No resident shall be permitted to dismantle or effect major repairs to any vehicle on any portion of the common property, garage or any exclusive use area


Trucks are allowed in for deliveries but any damage caused by them will be charged to the owner of the Unit responsible


Garages doors and Garden gates must be kept closed at all times for your own safety.


All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk



Refuse must be kept in Units until the refuse collection day.   At the moment this is on a Thursday.  A


Refuse must be placed in Trolley Bins supplied by the Muncipality outside either one of the gates on the morning of collections day.  These bins remain the property of the Unit


No building rubble etc. may be placed out for collection. 


Radios, musical instruments, sound systems, Televisions and car Radios shall be used at all times in a manner that does not cause a disturbance to residents of other units


Noise from any parties etc. that are being held shall be kept to a minimum as NOT TO BE HEARD in adjoining units.  If you are having a party, please notify the Trustees


Noise from Units must cease by 20h00 Sunday to Thursday  and by 21h00 on a Friday and Saturday


Residents carrying out building alterations or using power tools will be restricted to the following hours: 

Weekdays between 09h00 and 16h00 and Weekends between 10h00 and 15h00



The maintenance of your Garden is your responsibility


Only residents that pay for the Garden service will have their gardens maintained by the Body Corporate Garden Service.


Unit Gardens must be kept neat and maintained.  Failing which the Body Corporate will have it cleaned at a cost of R500,00 to be invoiced to the owner.


The riding on or impeding the operation of the gates in any way is not allowed.  A fine of R250.00 will be issued if anyone is caught tampering with the gates.



No animal or pet may be kept without the written approval of the Trustees.  Should any resident not have approval the trustees reserve the right to require the resident to have the pet permanently removed from the complex within 48 hours. 


The Trustees reserve the right to require pet owners who are not adhering to the rules to remove their pets form the complex within 48 hours.


No more than TWO pets IN TOTAL are allowed per Unit.  No dogs over 40cm tall


No pets are allowed by Tenants of Units – only Owners may have pets


No Reptiles are allowed to be kept at all


Dogs are not permitted on the Common Property unless on a leash and under proper supervision of the Owner.  Owners are required to clean up after their Dogs on the Common Property.  A fine of R250.00 will be issued for failure to do this



No owner or tenant shall be allowed to erect anything on the common property without written permission from the Trustees.  If such permission is granted the item becomes the property of the Body Corporate should the Unit be sold


All applications in respect of proposed alterations to the exterior of the sections shall be done in writing together with specifications or plans


All electrical alterations shall be accompanied by a certificate of compliance as per Government Gazette No 14350 of 23.10.92


No building rubble may be left on the common property.



No Business may be run from the Units whatsoever


A Unit may not be sold with the view of running a business



It is the responsibility of all owners to ensure that items stored in their garages are safe and are not a fire hazard. 


Storage of inflammable materials are STRICTLY PROHIBITED (other than petrol in cars and lawnmowers) and are in contravention of the insurance requirements



The Gate to the Pool is to be kept locked at all times


Use of the pool is restricted to complex resident and their visitors


Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Everyone including small children must wear appropriate swimming attire at all times.


No alcohol is allowed inside the enclosed pool area unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with the Trustees.  No Glass whatsoever is allowed in the pool area


Parties may only be held in the pool area after a written application has been sent to the Trustees.  The pool area will not be closed to the other residents should someone be having a party there.  Parties may only be held during the day and must be finished by 4pm.


The trustees reserve the right to deny residents and their visitors access to the pool should they not adhere to the conduct rules of the area



The Garden Service and Security Officer will report only to the Trustees and the appointed Garden and Security Staff


Should you need any assistance or work done please consult with the Trustees



Residents are not to allow anyone onto the common property unless they know them personally


All residents must close the motor gates behind them when they exit or enter the property


Notify the Trustee if you are having work done and contractors will be entering the property


Domestic workers must be told not to open the gates for anyone



Be considerate to all the other residents when making use of the common property. 


Any damage to the common property by any owner, their family, employees or visitors will be for the cost of the owner.  Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their visitors


Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult when on the common property


Riding of bicycles, skate boards, roller blades etc. is prohibited


Ball games are allowed under supervision and as long as other residents are not disturbed.   Playing of games on the common property is not allowed after 4pm.   Damage to gardens and property by ball games will be for the cost of the owner concerned


No firearms, pellet guns, catapults etc. or fireworks may be discharged or used on the property. 


No illegal substances may be brought onto or used on common property


No litter shall be thrown onto the common property


No washing may be hung from Balconies or over Unit walls.   No Carpets may be hung from Balconies or over Unit walls.

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