Pest Control & Safety


Before treatments start, do the following:

  • Cover all open food stuffs or store away.
  • Remove all pets and children from treated area.
  • Protect Tropical Fish.
  • Leave cupboard drawers and doors open.
  • Remove baby clothes & toys from area to be treated.
  • Wash all surfaces before treatment.
  • Remove pets from garden area to be treated.
  • Vacate premises when treatment involves dangerous chemicals.
  • Please inform the operator of any allergies or side effects.
  • Remove all kitchen utensils and/or linen and clothing from cupboards.
  • Vacate premises during preparation and application of treatment.


After treatment:

  • Do not enter the premises until the time period suggested by operator has lapsed. Minimum four hours.
  • Pets should not enter treated areas till chemical has dried completely.
  • Ventilate premises well before re-entry.
  • Clean all cooking & eating utensils before re-use.
  • Do not clean treated surfaces.
  • Pack contents back when treatment chemical has dried.
  • Ensure that rodent bait placed behind or inside appliances are not tampered with.
  • Refrain from direct contact with treated carpets for 3 days
    (care should be taken not to walk bare feet or allow babies to crawl on treated areas)


Further Information from Critter Ridders Pest Control 


1. Allow 1 to 3 months for Termidicides to take full effect.
2. The termidicides we use are SABS approved & registered with dep. Of Agriculture ( act 36 of 1947)
3. Pesticides are SABS approved & registered with dep. Of Agriculture ( act 36 of 1947)
4. Critter Ridders are registered members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
5. As registered members of the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA) we strive to promote the requirements
6. All technicians are certified and registered with the Department of Agriculture.
7. Please stay out of the operators way while treatments are been done.
8. Please make sure you, your family and pets vacate the treated area until it has dried.
9. Please move all pot plants, rubble etc. along perimeter walls so that our work can be done.


Critter Ridders will always exercise the necessary care when carrying out their services.

Installation work is carried out at the clients own risk, Critter Ridders or employees will not be held responsible for any damage direct or indirect.


No alterations or additions to these conditions.

C.1.) Although all care is taken in carrying out services, Critter Ridders or staff cannot be held responsible injury or death to any person or animal before, during or after treatments. Please take care to stay away from pest control operators, pesticides and machinery while treatment is being carried out.
C.2.) Critter Ridders or staff cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of property or any contents there in.
C.3.) Unless stated otherwise, all inaccessible areas as well as timber will not be treated. Cost of any earthworks or excavation necessary to carry out treatment, will fall on customer.


Critter Ridders and staff under this guarantee will only be liable to the areas that where quoted on & treated. Critter Ridders will only carry out further treatment as they see necessary. Notice of any signs of re-infestation should be given to Critter Ridders in reasonable time of discovery thereof.

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