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Originally a small farm holding from the 1900s owned by Champman Esquire.


Mowbray Gardens was originally a small holding farm that had stables, a diary and one of the earliest forms of refrigerators - a "cool room" as they called it back in the 1900s. The original farmhouse house was built in 1930 and still stands today. It was originally a five-bedroom double story house. This house was fitted with what was the latest technology at that time, an open tank geyser, electric lights, and indoor plumbing.

Below you can see a few of the original plans for the house and outer farm buildings.

Then in 19__ the small holding farm was bought over by a developer who then converted built the first semi-detached apartments (which are now units ___ to ___) around the same time the old farmhouse into 2 separate sectional titles.

In 19__ further units were built (which are now units ___ to ___ ) and in 19__ the "Holywood Garages" were added and the courtyards where enclosed.

Click here to see the plans for the Hollywood garages.

The swimming pool was built in 19__, however, this presented a bit of a problem as many people from the neighborhood tried their luck to catch a quick dip in Mowbray Gardens' pool as the complex was not yet walled off. In 20__ the perimeter walls where erected which added security and privacy to the complex.


Click here to see the plans for the swimming pool.


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